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Day 16 - A bit of improvement?



Day 16

Things have been better the past couple days. Whew! Forehead breakout is gone. Chin breakout turned into a flaky mess and is almost gone. The only major zit I have at the moment is a fairly large cyst (about as big around as a penny) on the right side of my chin/jawline. My hair covers it somewhat, though, which is a relief :D I've only gotten one new zit since last Friday - a painful whitehead near my lower lip that is now almost gone after just one day.

I've been feeling more positive about this process again. The first 16 days went by surprisingly quickly, and although its been a little rough here and there, it really hasn't been that bad of an experience thus far. Onward and upward!

Current skin condition:

-Not as dry and flaky as last week, but still some flaking and peeling around my lips and nose.

-Yesterday I was really oily. Today, not very oily at all. Funny how it changes day to day!

-Lips and the rest of my body really haven't been too dry.

-All of the little bumps that I've had on my chin forever don't seem as inflammed as they normally would. Still rough and bumpy to the touch, but I don't think they're as noticeable.

Current side effects:

-Eyes feel dry and burn a bit at times.

-Still having really strange dreams and waking up a lot at night.

-Last night, although it was only NINE DEGREES (bbrrrrr!!) outside here in Ohio, my fiance said I felt like I was burning up while we were trying to cuddle and fall asleep in bed. Usually I am always freezing and he complains that my hands and feet are ice cold. Last night, though, he said I was too hot for him to cuddle with me. I thought maybe I was getting sick and had a fever. But today I feel just fine, so who knows.

-I itched my arm the other night - just as I normally would - but it turned really red and felt like it was on fire. WTF?! I also knicked myself with my razor while shaving my leg in the shower, and it has felt so painful for two days now! This is not normal. I'm chalking it up to my skin being ultra senstive due to the Accutane.

-Itchy scalp. But nothing terrible.

-I feel like I've noticed an increased amount of hair in the shower drain after I wash my hair. Am freaking out that my hair's thinning. BUT, trying to convince myself its all in my head. I'm a total girly-girl and would just die if my hair was actually falling out. Praying that is NOT the case! :redface:

Current prodcuts/skin care routine:

-I've been putting a bit of Aquaphor around my nose and lips in the morning before putting on makeup. Definitely helps with the flakes!

-Aveda Scalp Benefits Shampoo (which I've 'borrowed' from my fiance, hehe) seems to help a lot with my itchy scalp.

Hope everyone is having a good week! More updates to come.

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Aveda scalp shampoo? I'll have to look for this!! My scalp is itchy...I feel like a dog with fleas scratching so much :boohoo: I'll finish my head&shoulders first though.

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