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"BEEPBEEPBEEPBEEP!" Means It's Pizza Time.

c'est la vigne


Day 925:Wow, I'm actually really digging this toner. My skin feels wayyyy smoother, and it's been completely clear for about a week (except for one tiny clogged pore that went away pretty quickly, and the still-fading-but-already-pale-pink mark on my right cheek), which is, like, amazing, considering the past few months.So, generally, my current regimen goes a little something like this:Wake up: --> Swipe Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner over faceMid-day: -->(If I'm not wearing makeup, which is pretty often) Swipe Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner over faceBefore bed:-->Wash face (quickly and gently) with Dove bar for sensitive skin-->Wait about five minutes-->Apply a finger's length of Acne.org BPI'm still on Junel, and am about to start a new pack (I was supposed to start yesterday--oops!), so we'll see how this goes.I'm excited, though. : )


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