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Day 15

Ryan C


After skipping two morning applications (on day 13 and 14), I went back to using twice a day again. The redness/peeling was pretty bad, and has since subsided. It was mainly in the "around the mouth" area. My forehead and part of my cheeks are starting to get it now too. I have maybe 7 zits at the moment. 2 or 3 little ones on my forehead that aren't very noticeable, 2 big ones on my chin (ugly-looking pustules... eww), one near the corner of my mouth that is healing, and a small one right on my mustache area. The thing I am happy about is that the dryness is subsiding (fingers crossed), as it was really bad a few days ago. I think the CeraVe is helping, and I'm adding 4-6 drops of jojoba to it morning and night. This pretty much eliminates all the flakes. Anywho, the acne part isn't that bad, the dryness isn't bad. Once the dryness is gone on my forehead, and if it stays away around my mouth area, I plan on increasing to 1 pump. As I said before, I'm taking my time this time around and not exacerbating my acne by irriating my skin with more BP than it can handle. The dryness/redness from a few days ago really had me worrying that I was allergic to BP or something. Then I remembered I went through the same BS the first time around, except it was much worse the first time. I just hope it stays away now with this current dosage. 'Til next time.


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