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Week 6 - Retractment



Hello All!

I regretfully retract my statement from last week because this week is no good. My skin looks really bad. I have broken out on my cheeks mainly and a couple on my forehead. Last week even the scarring looked better, this week it's bad. I think it has to do with the cold because my scarring goes purple looking and is more noticeable. Also, the end of last week I fell asleep 3 time without washing my face (removing make up) and that is really bad for my skin. The cysts I had on my jawline are still there, they are not full, but the sacs remain. My skin is quite dry. Over the weekend I do not drink enough water or use enough moisturizer and the rash on my hands returns as well as the dry skin on my face, mainly in my eyebrow area.


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