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Day 12 - Going back to using Epiduo



So I tried to get off Epiduo altogether (cold turkey) but then decided against it!

I went for about 4 days without it. During this time, I started trialling Apple Cider Vinegar and continued with my Manuka Honey. I found these products worked well on my skin (reduced oil, and evened out my skin tone), but they drew the whiteheads on my skin (which were under my skin) outwards and so suddenly it was all raised to the surface of my skin. So there it was a cluster of raised whiteheads all over my left cheek and the left side of my chin. I kind of freaked out because my skin was going quite good before this! And I did end up picking (shouldn't have!) but it's hard when they are raised and you can see the junk (hard sebum) in them. Gross! Anyway, that was when I thought maybe I should use the Epiduo again, just in case things got worse... I got paranoid I guess. So I have been applying Epiduo to these areas and it has been helping. I have been sticking to my original Epiduo plan - applying a smaller amount.

Now this week, I am supposed to be using Epiduo every second day according to my plan. I bit scared about that. But I hope things will settle. Maybe it's normal for ACV to bring the whiteheads to the surface - I shouldn't give up on it just because it does that. I am going to give it a bit more of a trial. I have been struggling with these whiteheads all over my face - they are all under my skin (you can see them in the light really well) and when they come up raised from under the skin, I always end up extracting them (they are filled with hard sebum). Any extraction/picking causes dark pigmentation all over my face - which takes months and months to clear. So frustrating! Anyway, so I am going to continue with manuka honey, ACV and Epiduo every second day and see what happens. Baking Soda is also on my list to try - maybe I can incorportate it on the days I don't use Epiduo. My lifestyle changes have been hopeless last 3 days. Been eating crap, not drinking enough water, not sleeping well... arghhhhhhhhh....all that has affected my skin too. Need to get back on track again.


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