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Starting Accutane (Day 1)



Accutane: Day 1

So here's my acne story... I will be 17 years old in March. I have had acne since the 8th grade. It didn't start to get bad until my freshmen or sophomore year in highschool. It was Christmas break and all of a sudden my face just went crazy and broke out everywhere. It also got extremely oily. I'm guessing it was hormones and the well-known teen acne stage or whatever. I tried everything. And I mean everything. Proactiv, many different face washes, prescription topical treatments, oral treatments, etc. And the thing that worked for me and cleared me up completely (only had one or two pimples at a time) was evoclin foam and epiduo. And me being selfish, I had a dermatologist appointment one day and told my doctor I wasn't satisfied and wanted my skin clearer. So she put me on another topical treatment. Well this made my face go all to hell. I was so mad at myself for being so selfish. And summer was approaching and every summer I visit my dad in Michigan for a month or two. Well I went to my dad's the way I was because I didn't have time to schedule an appointment, etc. After being there for a couple weeks, I had run out of my Yaz (birth control) prescription which I also use to control my acne. I called my mom and asked her to mail it. Well, weeks went by and my face was the worse it has EVER been. Turns out the Yaz got lost in the mail. I got back to my mom's and immediately scheduled an appointment and my doctor took one look and said she was prescribing me Tazorac and Evoclin Foam and Oracea (antibiotic). I've been using that for a while now (approximetly 8 months) and it has dramatically cleared my skin. But I still get occasional BAD breakouts. So the next time I went to the dermatologist, she recommended Accutane.

My acne has affected my life so much.. It's almost all I think about everyday. I wake up and the first thing I do in the morning is look at my face to see if its gotten any better. I've missed out on many things, events and going out places. I get so depressed sometimes. I am extremely self conscious about my acne. Whenever I'm talking to someone, I look down a lot because I'm afraid they are looking at my acne. I try to avoid people as much as possible when my breakouts are bad. If I'm not wearing makeup, I will NOT leave the house. I'm so tired of dealing with this. Accutane is my last hope..

Well, I took the first pill (20mg) of Amnesteem about two hours ago. Tomorrow I am going to go to walmart and get all the necessities I need for while on Accutane. I'll keep you guys posted.

Tonight's regimen:

-Took accutane (20mg)

-Washed face with CeraVe Foaming Cleanser

-Moisturized with Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream

-Took Yaz pill

(This regimen will change as my skin and everything begins to dry out and when I get the new products needed for while on Accutane)

p.s. my face is already super dry and irritated (red) because of the dry winter air. So I can't imagine how bad it's going to be when the Accutane sets in.

I'm nervous but confident in this stuff!

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Hey! I'm also doing 20mg a day. I know your post is a few years old, but how did your experience with accutane go?? Id love to hear from someone who went through the same dosage I'm about to go on!

Thanks :)

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