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Week 1 Summary



This is from the beginning of December. I kinda gave up on a blog out of frustration with my progress. So anyway....

I have had minor issues with acne for a few years now but only a blemish at a time. I realize now that I used to have beautiful skin. I really really miss it! This past year my acne has gotten way out of control and nothing has helped...nothing. So I decided to try Accutane. I don't care about the side effects anymore. This has gotten so ridiculous. I will deal with any side effects as i come to them. If this actually works for me I will be thrilled. So here it goes....

Week 1:

I have been on Accutane for a week now. I was so nervous to take that first pill. But I did and it has already become routine. Since it is December I just knew my lips and skin would be soo soo dry. But so far I have had no problems with either. i use tons and tons of Aquafor and Cocobutter and lotion throughout the day and Neosporin or Aquafor inside my nose. The only thing I have noticed is that i am thirsty all the time. I drink a whole lot of water and constantly have to pee. At least I will be well hydrated. :redface: About 30% of people on Accutane have an initial breakout so of course I was one of them. This past week my face, neck, and back have gotten new spots. this was so disappointing but I knew it would happen so I can't be too upset. If it means being totally clear in 6 months and for the rest of my life then I can deal with it for now. I am looking forward to moving forward in my Accutane journey and will keep you updated. My daily routine is below:


gently wash face with water and Neutrogena facial wash (very mild)

apply Olay Complete lotion to face and neck

apply Aquafor to lips and Neosporin in nose

I use Cetaphil lotion for the rest of my body.


same routine as morning.

I only wash my face twice a day because it is important not to overdry or irritate it.

Vitamins and Accutane:

Since I had to quit taking my daily multivitamin when I started Accutane, I have not been able to find another that doesn't have Vitamin A. (The Vit A combined with Accutane can cause side effects to be much more likely.) However, I still take Calcium and Fish Oil daily. I have been thinking about taking a joint supplement since I am an athlete and Accutane can be tough on joints. Mine are already so bad that it wouldn't hurt to take it anyway. As far as Accutane, for my first month I am taking Claravis 40 mg once daily with food. My derm said that Amnesteem is what she recommends, but no pharmacy anywhere will have that particular brand for at least a month. So I am starting with this and hopefully switching to the other (better) brand next month.


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