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All I want for Christmas is clear skin!



Day 12

Does Santa deliver clear skin for Christmas? That's all I'd like this year! :redface: I would really and truly be happy with that and nothing else!

So, the past few days have been a bit rough. Literally. I started breaking out a few days ago - around day nine, I'd say. I have four new, decent-sized zits on my chin and jawline, and three new ones on my forehead. This isn't a terible breakout for me. About average as compared to what my face usually looks like. But when you mix in the increased redness and dry, scaly skin that has developed over half my face, its not looking pretty. Trust me.

I've been feeling depressed the past few days. I know I got my hopes up too soon that my skin would just magically clear up. Now reality is setting in, and I am realizing I've got a long way to go with this whole Accutane process.

I have a holiday party tomorrow at a friend's house out of town. There will be five or six of us there - my college girlfriends. I don't see them often, and am bummed that my skin is such a mess right now. Plus, I'm spending the night there, and that's just never a fun thing - having to deal with my gross skin in the morning around other people. Ugh.

Anyways, here's my day 12 breakdown.

Current skin condition:

-Very dry and flaky on my nose. Cracked and some bleeding by one nostril.

-Scaly and flaky on my chin. VERY bad peeling in the areas where last week's zits are trying to heal.

-Lips are still a bit dry and chapped around the edges, but not too bad overall.

-No noticeable dryness on hands or elsewhere on my body.

-Current zits: three on forehead, four or five on chin/jawline, a couple mostly healed on chin, noticeable blackheads and large pores on nose.

Current side effects:

-Have been unusally tired and irritable this week. My fiance has commented on it more than once.

-Have been having really strange dreams and waking up a lot at night.

-Feeling pretty down because of the recent breakout and the way my skin is looking.

Current prodcuts/skin care routine:

-Still on the same routine, but started using a bit of Neutrogena Glow Sheers makeup in the morning before applying my powder foundation over it. It doesn't provide much coverage, but I do think it makes the dryness look a little less severe and helps me have a bit of a "glow."

-I've still been very self-conscious about my face, and have to check it in the mirror about every half hour at work to make sure no flakes of skin are sitting on it, or nothing is cracked and bleeding.

I'm hoping that maybe this is the IB, and it will run its course and then improve. I really don't think I can handle much worse than this.

In good news, its FRIDAY! Hooray for the weekend!! :D

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Ever since I started taking Accutane I've started saying to myself every morning "I have acne I just have to deal with it right now. Accutane will take its course with time." Then I clean myself up and leave. That kinda helps me not be so depressed everyday on my way to class :boohoo: Anyway, good luck and have fun at the party :D Thanks for commenting on my blog.

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