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Day 32



So I got my new prescription today. I've been bumped up from 40 mgs a day to 80 mgs a day. My skin is getting so much dryer. I picked up the Cerave moisturizing cream because the lotion was just not cutting it anymore. Thinking of picking up some jojoba oil as well. So far not to bad of a break out. Got 2 new pimples on my forehead. One is hidden by my hair so I'm not really worried about it and the other is on my left temple next to the one I got a few days ago. I'm not really freaking out about it. I can deal with one pimple here and there. Hopefully I won't get tons all at the same time. Been drinking water like crazy. Last week I had a lot of dizzy spells but this week I'm feeling much better. I guess I have nothing else really exciting to post. I just hope I've already had my IB and my dose increase won't give me a whole new one!!!


Hello! I had a dizzy spell just the other day :/ I'm on Amnesteem, but not sure if it was due to the medication or something else. I wont worry too much about it though...unless I get another one. Anyway, good luck :boohoo:

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Hi! Glad things are going well for you! It sounds like you're starting to see some good progress :)I, too, am supposed to be bumped up from 40mg to 80mg next month. Keep us updated as to how it goes! Good luck!

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