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1 year on spiro



Wow, one year on spiro. This year went by so quickly. It's been a year and a few days since I've been on spiro, and today, my skin is perfectly clear. It's been amazing to me, as I'm used to waking up everyday with new cysts and small pimples everywhere. Thinking of my face then and now, I don't know how I lived back then. The last few days I've been walking around without makeup, something I haven't done since I was, 12? Haha,, I'm now 21. Crazy journey but I love spiro. When I first started, I also took solodyn and benzoyl peroxide. Now, I just do a scrub with aspirin every morning and take off my makeup at night, and pop in a 100mg spiro pill in the morning, and another at night. Spiro has been a real blessing to me, and although there were some "bumps" along the way, it's been great to me. I hope whoever is scared to try it really gives it a go. I always hoped that,within a year of using this medicine, I would be at the point I am at now. :redface: Good things come to those who wait, so really stick with this medicine and it'll do you wonders like it's done me.


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