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day 2



Hi everyone. I'm a 17 yr old highschool junior taking 60 mg of amnesteem(accutane) a day. I decided to make this blog because reading other users blogs really has given me confidence to get started. A quick history of my war with acne..i've had moderate acne since i was 12.. It ws never awful but always pretty bad and really bothered me. I didn't go to a dermatologist untill i was 16 because i was embarresed to tell my parents. I've been on retin a, epiduo, duac, glycolic acid, amoxicillian, minocycline, and erythmycin. None of them really worked. I've also done dans regimen, as well as a dozen other otc products. NO SUCCESS.

Anyways, i guess i was really stressing over school or something, because i broke out terribly early this fall. I had like 8 cysts on either side of my face, all clumped together. It was without a doubt the worst time of my life. It looked horrible. They eventually went away, and my breakouts have gone down now, but i still get pretty bad acne. Red marks are the worst.

So i convinced my derm it was time for accutane and he was cool with it. Itw only day 2 and i dont really have any side effects to report. My skins looking ok right now, I have like two active zits. Just a lot of these stupid red marks.

I'm expecting an IB. hoping i dont obviously but i probably will get one. ill keep you guys posted.


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