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Kings and Philosphers...



Kings and Philosophers poop, and so do ladies.


I like this quote because it's a postive thought (though a bit vulgar) when your self-esteem is low. I feel it's important to remember that even the King who sits upon the highest throne has to poop. What more is there to say - the magics in the image. It's easy to get carried away believing that others are more important than us, though we are all equal when it comes to the basic physiological functions of the body. Letting out a cacophony of farts at a dinner party is not the end of the world, and certainly not a good enough reason to kill oneself. It is often the case that it simply happens that we fart and fail to conceal the discordant noise, much to our embarasment.

Lately I have been feeling blue, and frustrated because I fail to take my own advice. But, it's easier to convince others than yourself, right? I think so, well it is for me. That's why I abhor those new age self-help books, becuase most of the time I fail to believe the authors actually convinced themselves of their own advice?

Do you follow me? Probably not. Don't take any advice from me, is what I'm saying.


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