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Week 5 Still



Hey!! I am writing cause I am having a really good day, my skin looks really great :redface: . Do you know what it's like to not remember what you look like without acne? (I'm sure a few do). I feel like I don't recognize my skin right now. I mean - it's not perfect. I have scarring and in the winter it turns that purple colour when cold. I will be undergoing scar treatment once my accutane course is complete and I have the safe go ahead. I read someone's blog urging people not to pick, squeeze or pop pimples while on accutane b/c it will leave a black mark - well they are right. I had to "deflate" this cyst on my left jawline or it would have just sat there for what sees like forever. Ok - so I squeezed it and I have really bad blood spot there. Better than an unsightly cyst though right? Other than that all is good. I keep telling you guys I am using Avene products because they are amazing, I am pitching others use their products as they are designed (certain line) for those on acne meds such as accutane. Talk to you soon!


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