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Am i the only one who reads accutane logs whenever i feel depressed about my skin?

I dunno if that makes me shallow or a bad person or something, but i always feel thankful that my skin isn't anywhere near bad enough to go on accutane, and i also feel a sense of respect for people who manage to go through severe acne/cystic acne with a smile on their face and a good attitude.

It also keeps me from picking, my barely-noticable blackheads seem impossible to ignore? seeing someone with ACTUAL acne kind of puts everything in perspective.

I've noticed some of my red marks seem to be fading nicely, or maybe thats just me imagining things, also my face has a slight reddish tinge to it i never noticed until i got out of the shower and looked in the mirror for once (Red face, STARK WHITE BODY OH GOD) but its cool, i can deal yo.

Also, i'm trying out something a little different with my regimen, instead of waiting 10-20 minutes after cleansing to apply oil and BP, I just apply it right after cleansing (Not literally right after, but once my face isn't damp any more instead of waiting for it to turn BONE DRY AND FLAKY AS SHIT)

Seems to help the flakes that pop up several hours later, but its only been a day, and i'm mostly just doing it to save time in the morning so i can get back to bed (I require ridiculous amounts of sleep just to function like a normal person, 12+ hours)

DOHO and the spot on my cheek is definitely a spot, i keep freaking out whenever i look in the mirror expecting a massive breakout.


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