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Green tea extract and peppermint oil update



EGCg green tea extract

4 days ago I started applying EGCg green tea extract to the right side of my nose to help slow down oil production. I bought the NOW brand that contains 200mg of EGCg per capsule. I mix the EGCg with a few drops of avocado oil and water. One thing I wasn't counting on is that the EGCg extract is very grainy and doesn't dissolve well. This leads to some scratchiness when I apply the mixture to my skin, but it's tolerable.

Peppermint oil update

My peppermint oil experiment has been underway for just over a week now. I have been diligently applying the oil to the left side of my nose twice a day, every day. Now with any new treatment, I try to retain a level head and a certain amount of pessimism. I know many people get over-excited in the first week of a new treatment and they start raving about their miraculous results, only to realize shortly thereafter that the results are not as dramatic as they originally thought. I honestly try to avoid that. I jump into most new products expecting them not to work. With that said, I want to show you something:


That's a blotting sheet. Well, actually, it's a strip of a paper toilet seat cover that I use to blot the oil off my nose (great alternative to pricey blotting sheets). I placed that sheet onto my nose exactly how it's pictured, as if you were going to pick it up with your hands right now and put it to your face. The red line in the center is where the middle of my nose was. The dark spots are obviously the oil that has been soaked up. The darker the spot, the more oil. As you can see, the oil on the right side is more dense than the left side.

I didn't apply uneven pressure. I made sure to press the sheet in hard on both sides to absorb as much oil as possible. It's nothing huge, I know, but I don't recall the difference being this noticeable a week ago. I'm not saying that the peppermint oil is definitely making a difference. I'm still being catuiously optimistic about this experiment, but this at least gives me some hope.

I was going to post pictures of my actual nose but my camera can't really capture the oiliness of my skin. Here is another picture without the flash:



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