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So, I started the Regimen going on about a week ago now. I switched from Proactiv straight to the Acne.org products. I am thinking that maybe that was not such a great idea. But, here we are.

I figured that since Proactiv has Benzoyl Peroxide in it, I could use a greater amount of the Treatment. Welp! I was wrong. So, my whole face has been peeling for just about the entire time I have been using the Treatment. Last night, I got so frustrated with my face being dry and peeling because I had gone out with some friends to eat after we got off of work late, and when I got home, there was skin hanging EVERYWHERE! How embarrassing is that? Ugh.

Here is my dilemma. I am visiting the town where I went to school in just about a couple of weeks. 19 days to be exact. I am really depending on the Treatment to get me where I need to be by the time I get on that plane. All of my hopes and prayers are invested in being clear and chaff free. (The clear part has already happened.)

This blog, hopefully, will help me to be patient and not scream at the mirror every time I have to face it.


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