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Day 134 and FINISH!



I think ive just taken my last accutane hopefully FOREVER!! ..

been on it nearly 4.5 months, the hardest 4.5 months of my life, im not gonna lie! and seeing my derm tomorrow.. where ive been basically clear for 5 weeks now, i think hes going to take me off it.

I must admit, im worried about comming off it, because my skin is good right now.. but my lips look like crap! edges are red/sore .. i do really need to be off it..

I pray to god i stay clear, if not forever, for even 6-12 months it will be worth it.. i just dont want to be back to square one, i want to live my life.. missed out on too much already.

So seeing the derm tomorrow, VERY EXCITED, as i think im finished. and the side effects should all go away in the next week or so..

So fuck yeah, IVE BEATEN ACNE.. it took fricken accutane to do it, but i got there .. whether i stay clear now is really the question.. if i do, then to answer anyones question, YES, accutane IS worth taking.

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