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Day 29



Gonna make this a quick entry been really really busy....so far so good. Going to get my bloodwork done tomorrow. Dr appt on Wed.....my skin is looking pretty decent lately. I'm still breaking out but it's like one pimple every week or so. I currently have 1 active on my left temple. Yesterday it was a red bump, today it is a whitehead. It's gross and ugly but I haven't squeezed, picked, or popped. Other than that I still have the blackheads on my nose and they have this kinda bumby texture...I can't wait for those 2 go away! My skin is dry and it's getting lighter. I'm like a caramel color and now I'm turning a more light caramel. I guess that's alright but it makes my face look darker than the rest of my body when I put on makeup. I skipped a couple of days because I was having migraines (non tane related) and the nausea was just to much for me but I started back yesterday. I'm really liking the dryness of my skin, and the fact that my makeup stays on all day...no more greasy face! Scarring still there but it's getting lighter day by day. Still using my hydroquinone. I have started to notice a little stinging sensation when I wash my face, lips extremely dry, headaches occasionally if I do not drink enough water. LET ME STRESS THIS....EVERYONE SAYS THIS BUT I AM GOING TO SAY IT AGAIN FOR THOSE OF YOU LIKE ME WHO DON'T LISTEN....DO NOT PICK WHEN ON ACCUTANE!! I LEARNED THE HARD WAY!!!!!!!!!!! WHENEVER I DID THIS IT LEAVES AN UGLY BLACK SCAB THAT TAKES FOREVER TO GO AWAY!!! DO NOT PICK, DO NOT PICK............DO NOT PICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It ends up looking worse and then people ask "what happened to your face?" Don't do it!!!! Thanks for reading! Goodluck to my fellow taners and special shout out to Monkeeeeeeee and minifoxie...I'm thinking of u girls!


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