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Day 8

Ryan C


The dryness is back. It is not nearly as bad as it was before, but I am starting to see little flakes after I wash and occasionally I'll spot one or two several hours after I moisturize. This is with a little more than a half pump of BP (I'm using it for part of my neck, too). The skin around my mouth/chin area is somewhat red and makes my PIH look worse than it is. Right now I have one zit on my face... that's it. I have a few on my neck, but I just recently started applying BP there so I'm not worried about it. I think that Dan's new moisturizer is kind of crappy. It seems like the ingredients are aimed to soothe inflamed/irritated skin rather than to moisturize it. Since it is what I have been using, I am going to stick with it. However, if it takes longer than a week to get rid of the dryness from this dosage, I may have to start looking in to other moisturizers. I have learned that my forehead requires only a small amount of BP to stay clear, so I am using more around my cheeks and chin area than I am on my forehead area. This helps in keeping my forehead clear of irriation also, which I am happy about. The BP is working great so far, and once this irritation dies down I will increase to a full pump. I honestly think that 1 pump will be enough to keep me clear, especially since I don't need to use as much for my forehead. This will be good to keep the dryness down too. Anyhow, everything is just dandy and I hope it stays that way. :redface:


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