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Day 6 - plan to wean myself off Epiduo



My skin is going well so far on my regimen. The pimple near the corner of my mouth and my chin have both almost disappeared. I haven't picked it, and it just seems to have gone down. I have written a mental note on the mirror "hands off, or suffer". Just a quick reminder.

I have also realised that having whiteheads is normal. Lots and lots of people have it. We might not realise it because we have to be really up close to someone's face to notice it. I think the trouble is, when you have acne, you become obsessed with your skin and being perfect, that you analyse everything on your skin. Every tiny imperfection. When we see someone (usually at a distance), we assume they have great skin and compare ourselves to them (then feel depressed). If we analysed their skin as we do ours - up close in the mirror looking for every imperfection, we'd probably realise their skin isn't perfect either.

I am finding that the manuka honey used as a mask is really helping me. I have only used it for about 2 days, but it's made a difference (and I love that I can eat it as well!). This has inspired me to trial some more natural products. I am sick of spending shit loads of money on expensive skincare products that don't work, or don't work as well as natural products. I want to be open minded from now on, and experiment.

What would be awesome is if I could swap all my current Dermalogica skincare products (which are great but VERY expensive), for natural alternatives. Going to work on that.

I am also going to start reducing my Epiduo (topical) medication. It has been great, but I need to wean myself off it for next month (as I will be planning to try for pregnancy and can't use it).

So here is the plan for reducing Epiduo use:

Dec 6th - 12th - Use everyday, but at reduced amount used on specific areas. Use half a pea size (instead of pea size on specific areas).

Dec 13th -19th - Use every second day - at reduced amount on specific areas.

Dec 20th -end of Dec - Use only as spot treatment, only as needed. Hopefully twice / once a week.

Trial some natural products on skin during this period.

Stick to the lifestyle changes (so hard...so damn hard...haven't had chocolate in 3 days and it is killing me :redface: )

Don't wear make-up.

I am going to be real here. I am not going to give up all the little pleasures in my life. I will still have that ice-cream/cake when I am out. No excessive sugar, but as a treat. I have to live !!! Plus I loveeee food!!!


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