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Day 11. Back to square 3 or 4??



So I wouldnt exactly say my skin was back to square one but my recent flogging to biscuits alcohol and basic crap has reaked havoc on my face, also it being my time of the month hasnt helped.

The big spot on my right side on my upper cheek by my nose has gone but now I have little ones dotted everywhere apart from my forehead which is completely clear.

Ive had a little look into face mapping which shows why you get spots in different areas and apparently cheeks is down to too much sugar (definitely my case) chin is hormonal so that accounts for my period and forehead is not getting enough fruit and veg, I have been so thats probably why thats so clear!

I think ive been eating too much fruit which means too much sugar, yesterday I ate about 6 clementines and 2 bananas. For the next couple of days i'm going to just eat lots of veg with chicken and see if that helps.

Little setback has upset me but at least I know I can have near enough clear skin when I keep to my diet and that was only from 1-2 weeks of doing it!

Check back in tomorrow x


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