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Day 14



Hey everyone! Happy Day 14! :D I hope this isn't just me imagining things, but my face seems a little clearer today (knock on wood *knock knock*). It didn't seem like there were as many new pimples today and a few of them were shrunk or completely gone. I am not under the impression that the initial breakout is over, though. I don't want to get my hopes up. I bought some of the equate version of olay's uv complete moisturizer and it seems to be working great. Also, Aquaphor is magic in a tube. I bought some dandruff shampoo but it seems to be making my head itchy. Im not sure if it is the shampoo or just a coincidence. My skin hasn't become too dry yet. It is tolerable. I am experiencing something strange though. You know when you have been constantly moving all day long and then when you finally lay down you have that almost pain but it doesnt really hurt it's just like a relief? Well, I have that 24/7 now. It happens everytime I sit down and even when I just bend down or something. I hope that is normal! Anyways I will keep you updated! God bless! :redface:


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