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Oompa... Loompa. doopity dee.



So no new spots to speak of (YET!) and that one on my lip took FOREVER to heal (the scab came off JUST this morning) and i'm really getting pissed off at all these lip zits, they bother me more than anything (Besides eyebrow spots and forehead spots)

And my cheeks seem to be purging (ie lots of clogs coming out) so i'm happy about that (Kind of... Clogs coming out = me rubbing and scratching at them which = redness which looks like spots and freaks me out) i've been desperately resisting the urge to find some tweezers and pluck them out -_-''

And after i got out of the bath a few minutes ago, i rubbed my neck down with a towel pretty hard (I never breakout there. EVER, and if i dont -exfoilate- it often, i get FUCKTONS of flakes) and it left the towel... orange.

Oompaloompaitis anyone?


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