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Day 3-Chapped lips



Just took my 3rd dose of Accutane :redface: So far no real serious side-effects!! I woke up this morning with a really dry nose and lips a bit chapped, but I'm using the Aquaphor so I should be fine.

Playing in a recital tomorrow night which happenes to be the recital of the semester that everyone and thier mom goes to...maybe my acne will vanish by tomorrow xD! Actually, my mom is coming to listen to me :D She's gonna try and record, but they don't allow recordings so we'll see if she gets away with it.

Well that's it and as I mentioned in my previous blog I am washing my face morning and night with Dove bar soap, using Cetaphil face cream, Aquaphor and taking 40mg/day at dinner time :redface:

Bye everyone!

Yours truly,



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