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WEEK 1 Day 6



Due to a comment by on my last post I decided to decrease the amount of BP I am currently using to avoid the flakiness of ramping up too quickly. I think this is helping me already. My skin is much less dry and rough today.

I will keep doing a quarter of my finger length twice a day for awhile until all flakiness and dryness has gone away. I also started using jojoba oil before and after cleansing. This adds significant time onto my regimen but I suppose it is all worth it.

I am having trouble understanding how it is possible to use three pumps of moisturizer. I use two and it takes me forever to gently rub it all in. I normally give up when my skin feels hydrated, and my skin is pretty dry.

Emotionally is it so hard to grasp the fact that my skin very well might have to get worse before it gets better. I feel like it has already been worse in the past month than it ever has before.

Also, I tend to only get acne on my chin/mouth area. Rarely I will get them on my cheeks or forehead. But I feel like if I do not do the regimen on my whole face then it will look weird to have a red chin and mouth and not a red forehead. Anyone else know how to deal with this?

Also, does anyone know of any bad side effects for starting AHA too soon?



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