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Really Upset and need help :(



Hey Everyone

I havent wrote anything for a while and i thought it was time i did.

Its getting close to christmas now

i love christmas!

But recently at school i've been being bullied about my skin problems

and it is really getting to me.

Im not popular because of this and without my spots i feel like i'd be a brand new person.

its not fair that i am picked on because i am a really nice person on the inside but other people are just judging me on my skin.

I dont know what to do about it? should i stand up to them?

but if i do stand up to them what could i say?

its really hard and its school tommorow again and im really scared about going in :D

Please comment to this and help me :redface:

1 Comment

Your best bet is to stand up to them. If you don't do anything, it is only going to continue. I went through this same shit for about 4 or 5 months, so I know a little about it. I didn't do or say anything. I took it. That was stupid of me. By not saying anything you are empowering them.Popularity? If you are currently in high school, it doesn't mean shit. Keep your true friends close and fuck the rest. If you are nice to people and they don't treat you the same, they can go to hell. What do you say? Tell them to leave you alone. Be firm and don't be afraid to raise your voice. This will get the point across. If it continues, take further action. I know it is embarassing to tell someone that works at your school, but don't you want justice? If the roles were reversed, would you ever say something like that to people with acne? Knowing what it is like on your self esteem, I seriously doubt it. Find the strength in you to stand up for yourself and not only will you feel good about yourself, you will also probably make new friends. People respect those who stick up for themselves and what they believe in. Don't be afraid.Hope this helps. If you need anything else let me know.

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