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Day 6

Ryan C


Wow, I saw a few tiny little flakes! Man, how I love them. It was after I showered this morning. I'm not worried about it, the dryness is very minimal. Increasing to twice a day tomorrow. I have been using 3 pumps of moisturizer lately. When I found out that three pumps was the correct amount, I had just stopped using the Regimen. It is actually good that it was this time because I also found out before I started back up that I got a BP tube with a temporary ordered pump while they were transitioning from the old pump to the new pump. The one I have dispenses the correct amount at 2 pumps. I can only imagine what my skin would have looked like if I was using 3 pumps (6 mL). Eek. Bad site right there. But I'm still using half a pump (probably a little bit more, maybe 2/3). I have 2 small little whiteheads, one pustule, a few old zits healing and a few smaller ones forming. Only 1 really noticeable zit out of all of them. Seems to be working okay. Hopefully twice a day doesn't bring back massive flaking. Well... even if it does I'm not increasing the dosage until it goes away. Anyhow, felt I should update since I didn't yesterday (I know what a Greek tragedy). :redface:


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