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Post accutane



Update - My lips are completely back to normal. It's so nice!

Also, the itchy arms have disappeared, finally. My scalp is just now tolerating regular shampoo again.

My heel pain is gone.

I'm still very stiff all over and having joint/muscle pain.

My face is still nice and dry (HOORAY) and no acne anywhere. (YES!!!)

Bad things: because the accutane is still in my system, it predisposed me to hyperacuity in my ears. Just suddenly, out of nowhere, my hearing became distorted last wednesday. The ENT I went to explained that it was almost always caused my medication, so that must be it.

Also, my knee is starting to act up...there is a sore spot on it and it seems like I have a swollen part on my knee. Very odd....never happened to me before.

3 weeks post accutane:

My hair is still shedding the way it did during the course....abnormally high shedding.

My face is just now starting to feel a tad oily.

My scalp is getting some oil back, but is still pretty dry.

Lips are back to normal, face is flaking a bit.

I'm having some knee discomfort after working out on the treadmill which I know is part of accutane's aches and pains. The other aches and pains have dissipated, though. HOpefully they are on their way out, never to return again.

My right nostril is STILL not back to normal. It's VERY irritated and sore inside. :redface:

And of course, no acne to speak of. Not even during my period. SO awesome.


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