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!!!!! angry yet again



so nothing cam up which i was sooooo happy about!!! BUT

by the cyst under the skin thingy on the right side i can feel an even big lump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think its going to be an awful cyst thtll come up the one that take months to go away ,leaves scars and nasty red marks also another disadvantge is its on the sensitive area below the eye bythe cheek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 omg i really really hope nothing comes up!! i can even put tons of bp there because itll just get irritted and make things worse, i know this because it just by the cyst undert he surface and thts what happened to tht!!!

it hurt when i move myface omg i think it is one :D:redface: :redface:

i have appled a really thin layer of bp and will take ibobruofen hopefully itl go away.

:dance::redface::redface: plese please just go wy nd dont come up i hve uni stress atm i dont need you!!!

also UNDER the cyst under the surface i have a clogged pore which may become inflamed in time FML!!

also left cheek a nodule i think not sure but ive put mario bdescu drying lotion on it (this is by the cheek area)

im really upset frustrated and angry at this moment i really do hope the cyst dont come up and that they be my imagination!!! and if it is id be more than happy my skin is ok other than that so PLEASE DONT RUIN THINGS FOR ME!!!

just leave me alone

will update whether it comes up or note but please dont :dance: i just strted getting little confidence. and i know if it does i wont be able to look my gf in the eye again and thatl casue problems in our relationship again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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