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Day six - So far, so good!



Day Six

Six days in, and I'm pleasantly surprised so far with my progress! (Knock on wood). The breakout on my forehead has mostly gone away, as have the zits I got around my nose a few days ago. The cyst that developed on my chin earlier this week is starting to go away, and my usual patch of small red bumps all over my chin seems to be drying up and becoming less noticeable.

I've had VERY oily skin and hair most of my life. The past couple days, both seem to be less oily overall. My skin is a little dry and flaky in spots, but overall seems to be smoother and more even-looking. I don't mind the dryness so much. I'd rather be a little dry than mopping oil off of my face all day.

I was thrilled that three people commented on my skin in the past couple days - all GOOD comments! Two of my co-workers/friends who I rarely see both said that my skin was looking good. And my fiance also said he thinks its looking better. Yay!

Last night I went to dinner at a friend's house and it was amazing to sit around the table having food and drinks and not be thinking about my bad skin the whole time. And I even went a solid four hours without re-applying makeup or powder to my face. This is a like a record for me!

Still scared this may be the calm before the storm, but hoping its the start of something good! Praying that the IB decides to skip me :redface:

Current skin condition:

-A bit more dry and flaky than usual, mostly on my chin and around my nose and eyebrows

-Lips are a bit dry and chapped around the edges

-Small cyst on chin starting to go away

-One other decent sized zit on chin

-Small zits on chin and around nose are showing improvement

-Less oily than usual

-Hands are dry

Current side effects:

-Seem to be having some backaches and muscle aches in my legs. Again, still not sure if this is related to Accutane or just from working out.

-Haven't been having any trouble sleeping the past few nights....woohoo!

Current prodcuts/skin care routine:

-Still on the same routine as before. Thinking of switching to a different foundation to replace my usual powder makeup. Something that would work better with dry skin. Anyone have any recommendations?

Hope you all have a great weekend!


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