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Day 4 - Survived!



So I went to my first social event in 3 months and I survived it! I was so anxious about it, but once I was in the company of my friends (who I have not seen in so long), I kind of had fun and eventually forgot about my skin... well maybe the alcohol helped lol!

But seriously, it was good to get out of the house and just chill out. I have missed that. I don't regret being anti-social over the last 3 months - I really needed it for my own mental health, but it's nice to break that pattern. It feels liberating to not have to wait for things to be perfect, to be able to just let go, and live. I have had to challenge my perfectionistic thinking about this, but letting go is wonderful! No one analyses me the way I do. No one obsesses about my scars and acne as much I do. I read a quote recently - “The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself.†I seriously need to work on building a good relationship with myself. I have been so horrible to myself lately, all because of my skin. It's crazy but acne does that to you.

My skin was looking better today than it did yesterday - the sleep seriously helped. The pimple on the right side of my mouth and new one on my chin looked less inflamed and I did not touch it. Hands off! What I did try today on my face was some manuka honey as a mask left on for about 40 mins. I was a bit anxious about trying it (incase it irritated my skin), but then I figured, it's a natural product and there has been lots of good reviews, might as well give it a shot! And I got really good results. It immediately brightened up my skin, skin was softer and the skin tone more even. It really helped boost my skin, which is what I needed because I wasn't wearing any make-up today. I think I will try it more often from now. Always been a bit skeptical about natural products, but some of them really do work well.

Other than that,I still need to eat better, drink more water, get to bed earlier... lifestyle changes are so damn hard! Will keep following my regimen for my face this month (but do the manuka honey mask as well). Hopefully, I can remain positive even though it can be so hard at times.


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