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I am almost done! Yes!



I have like two or three weeks left to finish my Accutane treatment. I finish on December 13 and I am so glad I am done with this. My face is looking awesome. I have no acne. I get little bumps once in a while but nothing crazy, but I have been clear in the previous weeks. I have been in a good mood since the holidays started, is my favorite time of the year even though I am broke lol, I am enjoying it. I am going on a cruise soon and it is something that me and my family deserves. I have been feeling so confident now.

I asked my doctor what I have to do next after finishing my treatment and he told me I just need to make a final pregnancy test, and continue a "Genesis" treatment that will make my face smooth, there is also microdermabrasion. Since I am currently not working right now is best for me to wait.......but my mother told me that I should give myself the genesis treatment because if I start to work soon I won't have the time to get this treatments........but I don''t know they are so expensive. The genesis treatment is at 800 dollars right now with a discount but it originally costs 1,000. I think I will wait. I want to see how my face will get months after finishing accutane. I hope it stays this way.


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Gratz on being close to the finish line!! :D Must be exciting! And, whoa...$800 :boohoo: THat's a lot of money... :D
Yes Thank you I am so glad I am done this 5 months haven't been easy. If you are starting you will have your highs and lows but hold on, the results will be positive and your face will look clear. I might post pics of my before and after but I have to edit them and put them together. Thank you for the encouraging message. Good luck on your journey.

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