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Woot Woot!!



Thundercats are goooo!!! (not in the Juno kind of way though, that's not allowed while on accutane :redface:) I love this new dermatologist, although I think I should be a little worried about how chill he was about the whole thing. I never knew that if you're a virgin you can use abstinance as your only form of birth control- so no sick 1st saturday of the 3rd month like I've had the last two times on birth control! Also I only need to get blood drawn once, which I already did right after the appointment. The rest of the monthly tests are the pee-on-a-stick kind, which I'm very pleased about. The only not so great thing is because of the insurance my family's going on the first of the year I'm going to have to drive an hour out of my way to get my perscription filled until we spend $2500. Not the most thrilling prospect but hey, no one said clear skin was easy!

I have a lump on my left cheekbone that's bugging me and one above my right eyebrow. Most of the other issues are little bumps that I never used to get so I have no clue how to get rid of them.


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