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2 month update



I had my 2 month follow up with my dermatologist today. It was very motivating as she had a lot of positive things to say. I thought I'd share them with you all because it sort of renewed my faith in accutane!

First of all, she bumped me to 30mg twice daily. So I started at 40mg a day, and am now up to 60mg a day. She said studies have shown that increasing the dose for the next few months will ensure that my oil doesn't come back. I was telling her I was so nervous about my skin returning to it's old self after accutane but she assured me that it will never be the same.

She continued to tell me that, chances are, any person I've seen that has poreless, glowing skin, was mostly on accutane...movie stars, tv reporters, ect.

I was also very excited because I've already seen huge changes in my skin. Today she said now that the first 2 months are done, the medication will really take off and I'll see a huge difference!

So anyway, it was a great checkup! I'm anxious to see if my side effects increase with the dose increase...I will certainly update!

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