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Day 4:



Today I shall name peeling day, since my whole chin just about peeled off. BUT - it doesn't seem like such a bad thing. I know I shouldn't play with my PD but I can't help but pick off the massive flakes. So that's exactly what I did, and then applied some yogurt.

Anywho - I feel good right now. Or rather, my chin feels 'soothed'. I hope I didn't peel too much off or peel skin off before the skin under it has heeled (we've all done that before :redface: ) I'm not sure if it's the Mino working or the yogurt (or yes, perhaps both) that's speeding up my heeling but both together seem to be working wonders. I know I don't want to speak too soon and then have everything go to shit BUT I'm actually kind happy with the way things are going.

Anyone with PD I highly recommend trying yogurt (even if it doesn't work, you have nothing to lose).

I've also been taking pictures with my phone, now I'm not sure if i'm going to upload them (I'm lazy) but it's been helping me keep track of how the heeling is going. I recommend anyone going through a certain regimen to have a blog and take pictures because it really does help to see if you're on the right track.

I'm sad to say though that I'm still ashamed to go outside. I know my scabs don't look as bad as I think but it's one of those things I just don't want to do anything till it's completely gone. Now I know that's unrealistic haha and I have to go back to work next week BUT maybe by then it will look SIGNIFICANTLY better. Fingers crossed.

Back to some good old movie watching. I seem to be talking to myself, which is fine LOL I hope this blog helps someone down the road though.




Hi Hoots good luck with the mino it helped me a few years back for acne so I reckon it should clear you up. What kind of yoghurt do you put on your face? Do you use it to sooth or heal?Take care :boohoo:

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Thanks minifoxie!I was on Tetracycline a little over a year ago for the same condition, I didn't like it at all. It was hard to take while travelling too. So far, I've been happy with the Mino, even though it's only been 4 days hahaAs for the yogurt, I came across that idea on many other forums about PD. At first I was using it just because it felt super nice (when it's straight from the fridge) but now I've realized it's definitely helped with the healing as well. It seems to dry up the flaky areas and help them shed faster. Once my skin is flat (hopfully within the next couple days) I might start to introduce my moisturizer again. I miss it.Hoots :boohoo:

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