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1 Month. Day 31!



Into my first month and my skin has noticeably improved. Not much too report on the progress I'm making. It's been slow but I can say the medication is definitely working and that I feel it will clear me up in no time, considering how long I've had acne, a few months isn't a long time at all. From 6 months on 1 antibiotic to 6 months on the next that didn't work. Well, they all worked to an extent but even when I did start to become clearer they would stop having an effect, making my life an emotional roller-coaster. Accutane has the lowest relapse rate for acne than any other medication out there. 50% of people become immune to the antibiotics. Given that I wasn't seeing any improvement with the antibiotics Accutane seemed the obvious route to go down, and I'm so glad now that I did take this route.

A lot of people talk of an IB, so far I haven't seen my acne worsen and so am very relieved. However I was on a low dose. Though my dose has increased now to 20mg a day, since I saw my dermatologist 2 days ago. I've only taken 20mg 3 times, 60mg in the last 72 hours but so far no IB. I am confident that I should be fine and keep getting better as this is still a low dose especially for my body weight, weighing around 80kg.

Changed my body wash, the mint and tea-tree shower gel I used was too rough for my body, as skin is becoming more dry and delicate now using a cream wash prescribed by my dermatologist called Durmol (which you've probably never heard of as I live in London). It's nice and gentle.

Oh and getting a lot of acne in weird places, like on my arse cheeks, behind my thighs, weird. Always get the odd spot - like in the middle of my eye! (joke), but it's been a bit more frequent.

Peace Goldmund

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