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First Post- Day 11



Hello. I am new to the site and new to Claravis which is the generic for Accutane. I am a 19 year old female with severe, cystic acne. I have had acne since the 6th grade and am now a sophomore in college. I finally broke down and went to a dermatologist because my family doctor seemed like she couldn't care less. I tried everything you can think of: birth control pills, tetracyclin, retin-a, proactiv, every type of spot treatment, acne kit, and face wash known to man. Nothing worked at all. As soon as I walked in the door of the dermatologist's office she said "Let me take a guess at why you are here". She was trying to be funny but that was just the point. I cant go anywhere without people only seeing my acne. She immediately said "we are pulling out the big guns, I want to put you on Accutane". I hate needles. In fact, I pass out everytime. But it is worth it if I can have clear skin. Day 11 and I have had the initial first break out. It looks absolutely awful. I am embarassed to be at school right now. My face isn't too dry but I have had a severe runny nose and it is always a little bloody. I have also been tired but it might be because it is the end of the semester. Anyways I will try to keep you all updated on my journey. If you have any tips or reccomendations on what products work well please let me know. My lips are ripped up.

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Hang in there! You won't believe the amazing results. The first several weeks are tough, but things will get much better. A few things I couldn't have survived the 1st 2 months without...AquaforAnti-dandruff shampooExfoliating gloves used with a very gentle cleanser like cetaphil for dry skinNeutrogena glow sheers makeup

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