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Day 11- makeup free?



So it's early here and I'm getting ready to leave for work. Trying to decide if I'm gonna try to put makeup on or not. It has to last about 13hrs, lol. I think I can manage to get in on ok but the problem is all the flakes reappearing in an hour. I use the cetaphil cream and then a primer... I don't know what else to do. Woke up with 3 nasty swollen whiteheads. I think I'm starting the IB and I hope it goes by fast. I started with a cyst on my cheek. It has started flaking but hasn't changed much in size. It's been 10 days and if it hasn't done much to phase this one than it probably isn't gonna help anytime soon with the newbies. I just wonder if they will keep poping up from now on. Does the IB last 2weeks, 2months? If I could wear cover up I think I would cope alittle better :redface: Not much else to report. Redness is still there but not as intense as it was. Comes in waves a few times a day. Wish me luck.


My IB is still going and from what I have read it can last anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months to the whole time on tane...shit that sucks. First 14 days was deff the hardest for me and then your body starts to get a little used to the tane and it settles a bit. Ice is a good help which I used every night after I got out of the shower just to help with the soreness of the acne. The makeup thing is a real issue I dont like going anywhere without makeup so I am hearing you loud and clear. But if your skin is flaking sometimes it looks worse with makeup?? unless you reapply at work after a couple of hours maybe? Big hugs for you keep smiling friend :boohoo:

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Girls, I'm a makeup fanatic--I mean, I put makeup on before my husband or friends see me "putting my makeup on". If you check out some of my early posts, I wrote a lot about different makeups I tried. When I was at the same place you are I switched to a tinted moisturizer and just covered the really bad spots with concealor (which ended up being almost my whole face!)Don't worry, the flaking goes away!!

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