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Giving up hope. Rapidly



all i can say so far is that retin a is not working.

Not only is it doing nothing for my pimples, (new ones are ever present in the morning) it also seems really bad for my skin. My face is always much redder than its suppose to me, but my nose, forehead, beneath my nose and chin all remain regularskin colour, because i dont put retin a on those parts.

Basically it has become my worst enemy, i have no hope left for retin a and i am seriously considering throwing it in the bin. Right now.

I have just wasted almost 3 months on this product, and its done nothing. Im going to ring my doctor and book an appointment with him to tell him it isnt working.

Just a quick question, i think i asked it in my last post, but has anyone else out there given up on retin a?

Or, has anyone seen retin a AFTER 3 months of applying?

you answers and advice really would be appreciated.

Oh and another thing, im only applying retin a at night, from about 9pm to 8am. Iv found that if i put it on more it make me break out more :/

could this be why im seeing no results?

Thank you everyone, you support is priceless


Sorry to say, but Retin A never worked for me :boohoo: And it just made my skin dry and red.
hey thanks for the reply,yeahh it is seeming that way for me to in all honesty, the only thing thats keeping me going is that iv read some people have found it to be affective after like 4/5 months. But to be honest im thinking about stopping, i use it just at the night but during the day i just have really flaky skin even though im using tonnes of moisturiser. Not good to be having loads of flaky dry skin falling off your face at school hah :/but im going to see the Dr again to tell him about whats going on next tuesdaycan i just ask how long you used retin a for? what strength was it and how often you applied it?thank you very much, its really appreciated.

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