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Day 4

Ryan C


Day number 4. I can't stand those zits that just evolve into nothing but white shit. After a day or so, the pustules that I get are no longer red, but they are just completely white and stick out above the surface. I have one right now on the corner of my mouth. That is probably the most unattractive spot to have a raging zit hanging from your face. Blah blah, I'll be okay. 2 pustules is all I have to really report, one about to go away and the other about to sprout like jack's beanstalk. A few smaller lesions that aren't noticeable, some healing, some forming. Skin looks overall pretty good. PIH is fading, skin tone is still normal. Very little dryness :]. I am anxious to go to two times a day, but I know I have to be patient :redface: . A half pump is actually pretty difficult to spread all over my face without irriation. I think maybe this is part of the reason why complete clearing comes when your using such a generous amount. The amount of BP kind of eliminates all possible irritation. Unless your rubbing your face like your trying to get a genie out of a bottle, it is almost impossible to irritate your skin when using two pumps of BP. Anyhow, that is a long way in front of me. I hope everything keeps going good :]

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