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Month 2 day 5?



I think I'm on day 35. I don't even try to keep track anymore because then it makes the process seem a lot longer :/ but it just kinda sucks cause a week ago my face was looking good and now it looks gross again. I got a whitehead on the side of my nose, and my pores looked clogged and gross. When I wash my face some of my pores get unclogged and it looks like I have little holes in my face. I fucking hate this! My face is looking a little more red and I'm getting just a few whiteheads on my face that harden up and leave little holes if I brush my hand against them. WTF. Its weird cause my hair has been normally dry and not oily but the last few days it has been like oily dry. Its weird. Ah, I hope this gets better. Its just crazy cause the other week my face was realy looking nice, not much redness and was looking clear. Now Its looking like shit again. WOW. FML.


It's really a rollercoster this accutane business isnt it? Hope it gets better soon for you stay strong Stef you can get through it :boohoo:

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aw thanks girl , you are so sweet!!!! :boohoo: I am going to try hard to stay strong. Its crazy how self conscious acne can make us feel. I didn't even want to go to walmart today cause I felt so self conscious lol accutane is an emotional roller coster :/

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