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Accutane Day Three - Nervous and Waiting



Day Three

Three pills down. Forgot to mention previously that I am currently on 40mg/day. I feel like I am constantly awaiting bad side effects and/or the IB to start showing up. So far, neither has happened. I think that, as I go, I will regularly update my blog with my current skin condition and any side effects I'm having. So here goes!

Current skin condition:

-Slightly dry, but not any more so than usual.

-No significant change to the amount of zits on my face.

-One painful, smallish cyst has formed on my chin as of this morning, but that's not unusual.

-A couple new whiteheads around my nose.

-Breakout on forehead has mostly cleared up.

Current side effects:

-Hands are starting to feel very dry. I got a manicure at lunch time, and rather than my hands feeling soft and moist after a manicure as they usually do, they feel dry and kind of tight.

-Have been having some aches and pains here and there. Not sure if this is related to the Accutane, or just a result of my post-Thanksgiving attempt at working out more often.

-The past two nights, I've woken up feeling sweaty and anxious and have had trouble sleeping in general. Again, not sure if this is related to the Accutane or not. I think I am worrying myself so much about possible side effects, that I'm making myself overly anxious about it.

Current prodcuts/skin care routine:

-Body Shop Tea Tree Oil face wash mixed with Cetaphil face wash (both morning and night)

-Body Shop Tea Tree Oil moisturizer (morning)

-Oil of Olay Eye Moisturizer (morning)

-Pur Minerals foundation, bronzer, blush (morning)

-Dabs of Clean and Clear Spot Free Treatment as needed (night, mostly)

-Daily multi-vitamin and vitamin D

-Drinking a TON of water!

-Coco butter on my hands and body

-Carmex on my lips

I have to host a holiday social tomorrow night and have four more holiday parties coming up in the next two weeks, so I'm praying that the IB (if it comes) will wait until later on in December! Then at least I will be off work and home for the holidays, and can avoid going out in public so much...

More updates to come!


Good luck with everything can definitely relate to your troubles I am 31 and have tried most things before going on accutane so I will be stoked if this works :boohoo:

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Keep us updated :boohoo: That is the one bad thing about knowing the side-effects of a medication, you're constatly thinking and worrying about them. Hopefully none of the side-effects will be too harsh on you :D Good luck!

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Go to my blog (dee-dee's blog) and see if this might help. I love how my skin now looks and feels. It's hard to keep my hand off my skin because I love how smooth it feels. I'm 35 and this is the only thing that has ever really worked for me...and it's cheap!!!

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