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Day 1



Been thinking about starting a blog for a while... so here goes...

Brief Intro:

My dreaded ACNE began at age 18. I am now 29, and still struggling with it. I have non-inflammatory acne - mainly blackheads all over my face. Leaves terrible dark spots (hyper pigmentation) that take forever to fade on my dark skin. Like everyone else, acne has affected my self-esteem and confidence. I have often isolated myself from others, and felt very depressed and lonely. I hate it.

What I know:

I believe my acne is genetic (dad had severe acne and scarring), hormonal (problem area = chin) and definitely worsens with stress.


From age 18-21, I tried lots of different treatments - including BP, glycolic peels and microdermabrassion. Helped a bit, but i always struggled with the pimples coming back. Hyper pigmentation has also been very difficult to treat. My skin tone is always uneven, and my chin is darker than the rest of my face (most of my breakouts are on my chin).

At age 21, I went on the birth control pill (Yasmin and then moved to Yaz). My skin became very clear on this and I felt confident and happy. It really changed my life. During this time, I finished Uni, met and got married to my husband, and started working. For once, I didn't have to worry about my skin - it was liberating!

Last year, I went off the bcp (to give my body a break after 7 years of being on it), and my skin went crazy! It was worse than ever! I was so distressed that I went back on the pill straight away and it cleared up after 3 months. The hyper pigmenation took about 6 months to clear.

This year, my husband and I decided that we want to start a family soon, and so I had to make the painful decision of getting off the pill for good. I was dreading it.... I am not going to lie. As much as I wanted to have a baby, I was scared about the acne coming back again (especially after what happened last year). I feel selfish writing that... but acne scars more than just your face... I have been so traumatised by it in the past. Anyway, long story short - I have been off it for 6 months now, and my acne has come back again... surprise surprise...anyway, it is terrible...horrible..... the last couple of months have been such a struggle.

I went to my doc last month out of desperation, and I have started on Epiduo (topical) for the last 1 month for treatment. My skin got worse initially when I started it, but now it's really helping. The acne has gone down even though I still have the dark spots all over my face. I can't be on Epiduo once I start trying to get pregnant. In fact, most acne medications can't be used. And this is my dilemma.. How to control my acne during this phase in my life? We are planning to start trying to have a baby from next year.

This Blog:

I have started this blog, to keep track off my experience, as I know things are going to be hard with having really bad skin, trying to get pregnant, deal with stress, and not be able to use most acne medications. Since my acne is hormonal, I am expecting the worst over this period. But I also really want to fight this battle and pull through. I really do want to have a baby :redface: If any one has gone through a similar issue or have any advice, feel free to msg me. I am hoping to update this blog as often as I can - about my skin, diet, hormones, thoughts, plans...anything that comes to mind! It's so nice to have a group of people who understand what it's like to experience acne. I don't feel that alone anymore, like I used to! This website is great !!!


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