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Almost 4 months ROA, 10 mg



I think I need to slow down with this. I am getting those heat flushes, and my skin is micro peeling, quite irritated and dry. I guess this may be due to my moisturizer, I think it has some alchohol in it, and it has salicylic acid, low %, but still no-no while on ROA. So I have 2 moisturizers which arent suitable for my skin ATM =(. I hate to ask my mom money for this. I have to make an appointment with derm, have 4 pills left. Maybe I will quit it right here, maybe take 1 pill per 2 days, if thats possible. But my instincts say not to mess with my skin. I skip washing it with cleanser in the morning, just rinse. Something like clay masks is out of the question, too sensitive. Some deeper pores on cheeks seem to have cleared.

I honestly dont know what my next steps will be.

I put a bunch of water glasses near the window, we have central heating here and air gets too dry, the idea is to make it more humid. Over 2 days something like 5 % of water from glasses/bowls has evaporated. And its winter here, -17 degrees celsius here, it can go to -25 here, not good for the skin.

I have a bunch of pics on my camera, will upload later, some are nice, showing clearing process, some show my scars.

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hi there how you doin? hope U betterlook, you don't have to worry having your face dry cause that's natural when using ROA, I myself used Isotretinoin (which is the same as ROA) for 4 months on a much much higher dosage than yours & of course sometimes my face was extra dry cause i wanted to get it done with my face but it's ok now, so don't worry about dryness but when the climate got cold here I felt so so dry that my arm had something like burns all over it, so i know cold makes it worse and in these -degrees you having there i think it's better to be on a low dosage and you already doing that so i think you gonna be fine

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