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Day 12




Well today was an okay day... I woke up with two new pimples (It's due to be TTOM like, tomorrow though so I'm blaming it on that). The one was just a little whitehead which came out easily, and the other was something strange and small which I also gently sorted out a few minutes ago (oops...) I didn't cause any damage though! Otherwise, I have a little scab on my forehead at the moment, and some other light marks which I still don't like. Suppose I'll jsut have to be patient! I'm not really getting anywhere so far, sigh...

So, the new vitex I got is actually not what I thought it was but seems good anyway... Its "PMT RELIEF" from Greenridge - liquid form. It contains 1333mg of vitex per 4ml (the recommended dosage is 8ml per day, split morning and evening, but I'm going to just take 4ml in the morning, because I feel its a bit much to take twice especially since I've only been taking about 400mg per day till now). It also contains oat seed and st johns wart, and it says on the bottle that it helps hormonal acne, so lets give it a shot!

Today I had my last bit of old vitex, zinc, fruit salad for breakfast, some apple juice, later some mixed berries, I cheated and had some chips (only a little and they were the maize kind). I had wholegrain toast and egg for lunch, and I'm having veggies and some sausage for dinner. Overall not abad day diet-wise... I need to cut down on the refined stuff and quit cheating with things like that cookie yesterday. I'm almost 100% sure that probably helped along the two new ones I woke up with this morning...

So, I'm clear except for marks now I guess... I hate how sometimes doing something about the damn spots works, and other times it makes it 1000 times worse! How do you know which way it's gonna go?? :redface:


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