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Day 3

Ryan C


Day numero tres :]. A breakout is in store for me.... hurray! I haven't broken out quite yet, but I see the clogged pores mobilizing for attack on my chin area. I don't know what it is with my chin area, but that is always where I have gotten the most acne. Maybe one active zit right now, with more on the way. No dryness to report yet. Still applying BP once a day. I almost can't wait to go to two times a day. I'm trying my best to be patient. Hopefully it works out this time.

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Definitely be patient.When i first started the regimen, i did it twice a day right off the bat (Which doesn't sound too bad, but i was only using cleanser and a TINY bit of a... Well, a shitty moisturizer, so my skin definitely wasn't anywhere NEAR ready) and i was using the full amount three weeks in... actually, more like two and a half.I remember my skin looking perfectly fine up until one month, then everything suddenly turned BRIGHT red, and my face just plain HURT, imagine a really bad sunburn.And the flakes didn't come in full force till a bit later (Probably said this on my log, but i forgot to use olive oil one night, and i'm STILL dealing with the mass quantity of flakes because of that)So... definitely start slow, better safe than sorry :/ although i totally don't regret starting out too fast, my skin feels.... decent right now, so i can survive.

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