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Day 96 - My back is (pretty much) clear!!



Yay!! FINALLY some improvement!

So my back is pretty much clear now (not completely but oh well), which is a huuuge relief. For some reason, Ive always found bacne worse than facial acne. For some reason, facial acne seems more... acceptable in my eyes. Bacne is just... eeeeww.

My face is getting worse again, which is really frustrating after freakin' 96 days! And on top of that, Ive run out of foundation and for some reason I can't find any decent foundation in this country. The one I used to buy in my country is perfect, hides everything but still makes your face look natural. In the UK, every foundation either doesnt hide the spots or makes me look orange (absolutely hate having a pale skin..). If anyone knows what kind of foundation I should buy here, please PLEASE let me know!

My forehead is clear though, but I have a fringe so that doesnt really matter. I think the mean reason for my clear forehead is the fact that my hair is less greasy - in fact, not greasy at all, but SUPERdry - and therefore my fringe doesnt give me spots anymore. It's not actually the roaccutane thats cleared it up from the inside of my skin..

I have a new problem zone as well, the zone between my eyes and my ears just got alot worse. I never used to have acne there. My cheekbones are slowly getting better, but they're still not exactly clear.

Something completely else now, Ive been reading some of the other blogs, and everytime I read things like "I'd heard about the many side-effects, but..." "I asked my derm to put me on accutane" "Even though the side-effects scared me at first,..."

I'd never even heard of roaccutane before I started taking it.. Is that weird? Im pretty sure none of my friends know it either..

I wonder if anyone actually reads this. :redface: If not, then at least I can just write it off my chest. It's not completely useless as long as I think there's someone reading my complaints about how terrible my life is. Whining can feel so good sometimes. Haha.

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ive been using roaccutane during my first month, then switched to sotret then curacne, but they all work pretty much the same, roaccutane here is just expensive.. :D we share the same problem, our temples being filled with acne.. but that should go as well.. and youre right, whining can really feel good MOST OF THE TIME.. :boohoo: i love whining too.. ill keep track of your progress.. goodluck!

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