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I want to be happy again....



When I look in the mirror at school my face looks like the color of a tomato. It is so frustrating that every acne prescription i use makes my skin look flushed and dry. Having sensitive skin can at times be really stressful! I wish one day I would wake up and have a beautiful acne free face like the one I did when I was younger. Why can't I have the skin of those celebrities on the proactive commercials? I wish I would enjoy things more, because I spend all of my time thinking about my skin and wondering why I can't have gorgeous skin. I want to be happy again. I feel like I put all of this time and effort into getting rid of my acne....but so far nothing has really helped. I just started a new prescription and I got a clarisonic to wash my face, but I still have doubt all of the time. I start thinking what if I have acne for the rest of my life? What all of this money and time went to waste? My parents spent money for all of my prescriptions, doctors visits, facials (which I enjoyed...but they didn't help very much), and they want to see me happy again. In the mornings when I have washed my face, put my acne medicine, and moisturizer on, and started putting on my makeup....every day there are dry patches on my skin that the makeup sticks to, i can't cover all of my redness, and I start my day thinking i look horrible. Then, by the end of the day my face is red and oily, because of my medication and I feel even worse about myself. I keep telling myself that this prescription the doctor gave me will finally end my acne and I will be myself again, but what if that doesn't happen. I've just had a really bad day and I feel horrible about myself......so I'm pretty much complaining a lot! I know I am! I should be thankful that my parents are so helpful and understanding and want me to feel better about myself. I just get frustrated, because a lot is going on in my life. I am a senior in high school, I have to decide what college I am going to soon, I keep worrying about college, I am trying to lose weight and train for a half marathon, and right now i am crying as i am typing this. I sound pretty pathetic don't I? Other people probably have much bigger problems in their lives. Well.....I'll try not to give up hope, because I know I can overcome this. Anything is possible. Too bad you can't just make a wish and have all of your problems disappear. :redface:

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It's OK to feel this way, we all have felt this way more than once. I'm sure most of us hate the fact that the first thing people see is our bad skin. :boohoo: Don't worry, in time everything will be better just be patient. Just keep doing what you're doing and keep your head up. I went through the same thing in high school and now in college and going through the same thing and it's hard and I'm just really hoping and praying that Accutane is going to be the ONE. I wish you all the best! Good luck in finding a college, be a good student :D

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