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Month 6: Maybe pregnant :)



Hello Everyone,

Today is 6 months, 21 days since I started Dan's Regimen. Here's an update:

-I had my 3rd IUI (w/6 clomid + 2 shots, no trigger shot, using ovulation kit), and I think I might be pregnant. I had a positive test result this morning. I'll take another test tomorrow morning, and then call the doctor to confirm with a blood test. I've only told my husband, obviously, but I'm too excited to contain myself, so here I am :redface:.

-I tried applying the benzoyl peroxide only in the mornings, and the AHA only at night, for about 1 month: didn't work, I broke out and my pores got large again, so now I'm back to BP morning + night, for about another month, and everything is back to normal again: clear skin, smaller pores.

-I haven't been using the hydroquinone for 3 months now (since I'm trying to get pregnant), and my skin got blotchy almost immediately and the melasma is back, so So I tried instead:

-CliniqueEven Better Dark Spot Corrector (not the clinical one): barely made a difference after 1 month

-IQDerma SkinTensive xCel -High Potency Anti Wrinkle Serum: It's wonderful. works like a charm on light wrinkles, looks like it's making a difference on melasma -not as good as hydroquinone, but it's based on Hyaluronic Acid, which is safe for pregnancy (the body even naturally produces more of it during pregnancy). But it's very expensive ($60 on sale at dermstore), so I'll try the clinique clinical dark spot corrector next (cheaper), or go back to AHA...we'll see.

-My skin is much dryer lately, so I've had to start using Dan's moisturizer (the old version). Doesn't work as well as chanel's moisturizer, so when both run out I'll get dan's new moisturizer

Wish me luck on the pregnancy!


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