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Day 2

Ryan C


No dryness.... yet. Still applying BP once at night. I washed and moisturized this morning. Dan's new moisturizer feels great on my skin. I know that many agree that it is not as moisturizing as the old one. I wouldn't really know because I never used the old one, but this moisturizer is great. It is quite soothing and leaves my skin looking great :]. I am probably just saying this because I can finally see skin that isn't red and flaky, but I really do like the moisturizer.

Skin Status: The papule that was in the crease of my chin became a full blown zit (that was expected). That is the only noticeable pimple right now (HURRAYYY). I have a pustule about to develop right on the corner of my mouth (HATE those pimples). Not too bad right now.


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